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Composer. Performer. Musician.

In September of 2010 I moved to Chicago after graduating from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in theatre performance and theatre management. Although I hadn't studied music in college, I had taken piano lessons for ten years and spent much of college improvising on piano as a form of stress relief. 

Shortly after moving to Chicago, I saw my first musical improv show. A team of actors and a music director created a twenty minute improvised musical on the spot. I introduced myself to that music director who connected me with his teacher, Dave Asher at iO. I started learning how to music direct for improv and playing for various teams including the first two years of MINt (Musical Improv Night) which has since become one of the main incubators for new performers in the musical improv scene. Currently I play for Comedy Sportz, Storytown Improv, and the Therapy Players (a group of therapists that do short form improv). 

As a composer, I have written for both sketch and musical theatre. One of my favorite sketch projects was Project Broadway, a show where teams of sketch writers, actors, a director, and a music director, were given a prompt and asked to write a new 20 minute sketch show every week. As a music director this meant writing music for six different sketch proposals every Sunday morning in time for rehearsal that afternoon even if only three of them made it in the show. It was wild and it taught me how to take my improv skills and make choices in the moment and compose on the fly. 

The past three years I have started to write and perform my own music. It feels amazing to be performing again and I love being able to combine the composition skills i've been honing over the past few years with my love of acting and storytelling. I am absolutely in love with the creative process and how empowering it can be in a theatrical setting. I love having the power and freedom to create work the highlights the abilities of the person performing it and I love how things can shift and change in the rehearsal process. 


  • National Treasure 3: The Unofficial Musical- Currently Workshopping

  • "Still Super" 2019- Still Acting Up- Skokie Parks District

  • "Win it All" 2018- Still Acting Up- Skokie Parks District

  • "Feathers a Super Hero Musical" 2017 Premiere Premieres Festival- Winner of "Best Underscore" award

  • "The Forgiving and The Forgetting" written in May 2015 with Healing Moments Ministry

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